Channeling lo-fi garage rock with a healthy dose of the doo-wop.

Upcoming Shows:

++ Friday, June 13 -- More Foods Organic Cafe! Ladyscissors, Baby D & The Band, and Life Coach

15 Main St, Montello, Wisconsin 53949


7pm / We play with two touring bands, Baby D and the Band, and Life Coach. It'll be a rock n roll party. 1 hour from Madison with an opportunity to camp out nearby and make a weekend of it. Fun fun fun!

++ Saturday August 18, 8pm
Ladyscissors at Art In!
1444 E. Washington.

Other details tba

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Ladyscissors is
Lorrie Hurckes - guitar, vox
Brent George - guitar
Anne Bull - bass, vox
Stephanie Rearick - drums, vox

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